Curved/flexible adhesive zip tie mounts

Couldn’t find this information on the forum aside from people that bought them in bulk directly from HellermannTyton and were selling the extras on the marketplace.

You can buy the same curved/flexible adhesive zip tie mounts in individual quantities here
They don’t list shipping and don’t charge you for it till after the fact but it was $14 for 12 of them.

Description since they don’t list it on the Sager website:
HellermannTyton FlexTack Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts deliver excellent mounting performance on flat, curved and moderately angled surfaces. Use in combination with 18- through 50-pound cable ties to provide stability when securing bundles.


Can also call and order them through GFC :wink: Nice find tho!


Nice, good for people to know. Wasn’t aware since they don’t list it in the shop.

I bought a big pack a while back, had never seen the individual ones. Thanks for posting this!

Yaaa, it’s weird some stuff they post and some they don’t. Found out last time I was at the shop.

Thanks for that. Just ordered 20.

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Ha! I’m saving that link. I just bought a 100 because I couldn’t find someone that would sell less than a hundred for under $3.50.

(suppose I won’t need any for a while)