Custom cantilever 80/20 rack system for sale

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Built this cantilever rack (bolt on, no drilling) for my V1 on gen 3 Tacoma and kept it on for 6+ months. Selling now as I’ve sold the camper. Buyer wanted to keep it stock.

I’m having trouble uploading pics, but here is a link to when I listed the truck with rack. FS Full Rig 2017 Tacoma 6’ bed w/ V1 GFC

Designed it to carry 2 wolf packs, which it does well. I could stand on it and I’m 160lbs.

Comes with:
80/20 rack that can be adjusted. All hardware set with blue loctite

2 wolfpacks

2 stratchets

Lots of hardware to attach stratchets to 80/20 track

PM me with questions and I’ll try again to upload pics or I can email you

Located in Charleston SC

$300 plus shipping