Custom RTT Mounts

Hello everyone,

Over the last year I have been working on a project to get rid of my roof rack on my FJ Cruiser and mount the GFC directly to my roof. I finally completed this project and wanted to share it with everyone. The main reason I wanted to do this project was the overall height of my vehicle with the RTT on it was about 1/2" shorter than my entryway to my parking garage. I wanted more flexibility. In doing this I removed 4" from my ride height and saved about 60 lbs of weight. I am over the moon with the results and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Now I can sell my Universal Rack mounts from GFC and my Prinsu roof rack and pay for my new custom mounts!

The last image is my old setup with the Prinsu and Universal mount. Images in link below.


Well done. Really tight against the top.

I went through a similar challenge to mount my RTT on my four door Wrangler. Each of the three sets of brackets were different. My RTT sits about 1" above the top. Yours looks to be even closer. See pics on forum… “Mounting RTT on JKU”

Dis you fab the brackets yourself? I have a buddy that is magic with metal.

Very cool. Very custom.

I sit about 1/4" off the roof with my tent now. I didnt fab them myself, I went to a local metal fab shop. I designed them though. I wish I had those tools and machines so I could have made them myself.

Thanks, I will have to check out your build.

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have you been wheeling with it yet? wondering if theres any rubbing from flexing with 1/4" clearance.

Also, curious what the tape on the bottom of the RTT is for

I have not been out wheeling since I have installed the new mounts. I don’t foresee any issues as these mounts are pretty beefy.

I have some wiring running along the bottom side of the GFC to power all of my area lights that are mounted on the mounts.

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cool, thanks man! I’m about to make my mounts & install soon. had planned on giving it 1/2" clearance. wasn’t sure if that was too tight or if I could go closer.

right on, didn’t know if it was something I should seal up before I install my rtt.

The roof of the FJ Cruiser is basically flexible. Its not super rigid at all. That is why I wasn’t terribly concerned with 1/4". Worried more about airflow when driving and it being a big sail.

With my RTT mounted on my JEEP I wanted enough space (1") so I could get a broom handle to clean out anything that might get stuck in the space like snow/Ice or a bird hit at 70 mph.

I did want it low like Jeffacree but for different reasons. The best Jeeping and camping in the Salmon Challis NF is up high in the timber. Dead-falls are common and often fall across the road but remain half standing. I can still sneak under most while taller rigs need to get out the saw.