Custom Tradesman Topper 1st Gen DCSB

In prep for my new V2 I am selling my custom Tradesman Topper
All aluminum
Fully insulated
Frontrunner rack
ARB awning
Rigid floods on sides and rear
Interior LED lights
Camp kitchen cabinet
Perfect condition

Uploading: 2A9921E8-CB82-43DC-AB2A-4174C2ECDC66.jpeg… Uploading: 20F7F834-19AC-44E1-A227-31C23E4E8122.jpeg…

Recommend posting to Expedition Portal if you haven’t already, I bet it would go fast. This is a sweet topper.

Thank you for the tip sir!

Yes, it’s a nice setup and I’ve really struggled with making a change, but in the end I decided to go with the GFC.


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