Daisy Chains for Camper

Think this came up in another thread, but wanted to share here as well. Got a set of sweet daisy chains from @jondub for my V1 camper, have been really enjoying them!

Love supporting my local businesses, and excited for a set of frame bags from him and his new business Ardor Needleworks.

Check out the goods:

I’m extra excited for the ability to hang my kitchen kit from the chain, and keep paper towels readily accessible.

I’ll share some pics when I get frame bags installed, but if you’re interested you should shoot him an email jon.beartooth@gmail.com or hit up here. Useful as all get out and strong to boot.


What do these do exactly?

They attach via bolts to the holes in your frame and give you loops for attaching whatever you want.

Put carabiners or s-hooks in there and attach solar lights, or hang a bag or a kitchen kit, secure long lumber up and out of the way when you’re using your truck like a truck…very versatile and adjustable mod for the GFC.

You could also thread gear ties through the loops and use as impromptu drying line, use for hanging shoes, etc. @jondub can make them to order for length so if you wanted to string them along the top or bottom as a line for storage you can do so.

They’re $30 for one or $50 for two. As a (mostly former) climber I have a lot of experience clipping things into a daisy chain so they made a lot of sense for me.