Damage on roof of GFC


I’m posting here because I’m guessing others might benefit from this discussion.

I have Kayak J-racks on my yakima bars. Damn things rotate and I can’t tighten up enough to keep them from moving.

Anyway - one of the bolts did minor damage to the top of the GFC. It rains a lot here and I drive into the cold all winter for skiing etc. So, I am wondering what should I use and how should I repair this? It’s really minor but I wonder if there’s something better than using gorilla tape…

Hey man, I totally understand why you’re posting this in the forum, but if you want this resolved quickly I recommend shooting an email with some pictures over to support@gfcengineering.com. You can report the fix back here once it’s been resolved if you’d like to keep others in the know.

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