DCSB 2nd gen V2 LOADED

Go Fast Camper

2nd gen Tacoma 5’ bed

Camper with windows and doors: $8,800

2x Renogy 100w solar panels: $365

Madcap supply interior lighting kit: $385

Backwoods molle panel: $270

Drip rails: $120

Rear Fly Blocks: $85

2x GFC awning mounts: $130

GFC ladder and mantis claw kit: $285

Total build without labor: $10,440.00

Sell for $9000.00

Slept in 2 nights. Lighting is switchable between red and white. Also, dimmers on each top and bottom of tent, can be ran separately. Possible Decked drawer system available also. Located Bozeman MT

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This isn’t a knock, I’m just genuinely curious because this type of thing seems to pop up a lot. So much work into the build, why did you only sleep in it two nights?

No that’s totally valid. I had plans to use it much more than I do. My wife and I do lots of camping, but it’s always in other forms. She camps off horseback all the time in the summer and I do a bunch of backcountry camping by airplane. Those are our preferred camping methods and the gfc saw the least of it. We usually take a different vehicle on road trips so that doesn’t get us use in the gfc either. So it spends the time on my wife’s daily driver (Tacoma) and gets the visual “cool” points is about all. The gfc is so damn sweet but if our other hobby’s weren’t so damn expensive, I would for sure be keeping it even with the low use rate of it.

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Dude this is clean.

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That makes a lot of sense. And sounds like you guys are doing some really cool stuff! This is a super clean build, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble selling it.

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I’m interested. Would you do 8k? 310-779-2498

Hello! Curious if this is still available? I’m based in Missoula, would be super keen if not sold. Thanks!

Still available? I’m in California but would love the excuse for a road trip!
Let me know!

Hey! I’m in Bozeman and would love to come take a look at it if you are still selling it! Seriously interested!

Is this still for sale? Super interested!

This up for sale?