Death Valley

Just got back from Death Valley for their annual marathon race. Weather was perfect 40 degrees at night and low 70s during the day. Sons girlfriend was running. Pic of the defunct garage is in Death Valley Junction, also known as Amargosa. Posting a few shots for your viewing pleasure.


Damn I really miss my Darrell Waltrip Ed tundra now!!! Looks so good!!

Bought it with 108000 miles on the odo and 130000
now. All original near perfect paint and complete svc records from the original selling dealer from day one. Keeping it scratch free is hard and really miss my 80 series Cruiser where i didn’t mind the desert pinstripes. Bottom photo shows truck in original trim.


DV is the best. Those wheels really elevate the tundra.

Original BBS RW wheels are forged and wanted to keep them but bare wheel is 44 lbs.
My FN wheel is 26lbs. I know it is not a forged wheel, but they balance well, have given zero issues and are flow formed. Not forged but not a cast wheel. Went about 3" taller tire and lost about 11 lbs per wheel tire combo and improved my MPG.
You are right about how nice the BBS look, just wish they weren’t so heavy.