Decked Drawer storage system mod perfect for the GFC

Hi Guys, Here is a mod for the decked storage system that I was introduced to by Arkansas Offroad. He modified his setup in a Tacoma by converting the decked system. I really liked it so I decided to do my Tundra the same way. Here I am linking a how to video that shows anyone with basic tools how to modify nearly any Decked system to fit your rig. This gives you space to be able to crawl up in the camper or just use the truck bed for a different build. Hope this helps.
Video Link: DIY Customize Decked Storage to Fit Your Truck-2022 Tundra Overland Build - YouTube


Here is a pic

One more pic

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Very similar to what I built from 80/20 and ABS plastic. I chose not to do a drawer because i like sliding skis in that area but this L-shaped setup is clutch for the GFC. Plenty of full length truck bed for most hauling applications and places to sit or use as a table while in the camper.

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