Decked system with GFC camper

I have a decked system in my Tacoma and I know ive seen pictures of others with this system and a GFC. Could someone measure how much room you have from the decked system to the bottom of the tent floor? Looking for what the inside truck bed height will be once the GCF is installed.

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From the flat part of the Tacoma bed to the bottom of the Space Frame tubing is 40"

There is a bolt that hangs about a 1/4" out of the Space Frame so the clear opening is about 39-3/4"

The Decked drawers are 12.5".

So the Net clearance from the top of the Decked to the Space Frame bolt is 27.25"

I had a friend measure his to calculate for a fridge. I’m not sure how the high the bottom of the bed is above the frame.

**Not my Martha Stewart tape measure. But metric units are visible as well… haha.


ok thanks! that was I was looking for