Delays in builds

I bought build 1295 (March build) from someone on the forum). I received an email on Jan 8th saying its ready for production and parts have been ordered. I called today because I am selling my original build 1771 spot and wanted some info on it. 0 I was told June 2021 vs. originally Sept 2021. I also asked for an update on my build 1295 and was told it got moved to May! Not what I wanted to here. I was told the more popular trucks like the Toyota Tocomas are being built first with V2s regardless of there build spot number. Good for Tocoma owners but I own a Ram. I get the whole mindset of maximizing production but not at the expense of others who were in line first it doesn’t make me happy. They did apologize and offered a free installation when I come out now at the end of summer (not the beginning).

Anyone have any other knowledge of this?

That was so 2 weeks ago. you aren’t the biggest loser. gladiators were pushed back to solid June build. couple members here should have started their builds and possibly finished by now. me personally, had a February build pushed back to late may/ June with a new ranger. You aren’t the only person screwed by the deal. I was told I might get free hat or something for the inconvenience

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Thanks for replying. Good to know.

makes me leery to try and get a spot…

Going forward it definitely would be nice have published run dates for various makes/models.


If you can’t make everyone happy (which is impossible), then make as many people happy as possible while running your business as efficiently as possible.

I also got pushed back but I love the decision making of this company.

To the GFC Peeps… Big Kudos for always doing the right thing. That’s what being great is all about.


Well said. Its amazing how many people miss the big picture because they are thinking about themselves first. Without the big picture from GFC, we’d all be getting a V1 still and dealing with the hinge issue.


How are you getting on with this? I am ordering a camper for a Ranger - actually for a UK ranger. Having lots of back a forth to make sure that the Ranger built V2 camper will fit a UK ford ranger (any views on that welcome)

I am at the same time getting encouraged to make all the choices on the build, with no indication that I might have to wait till May/June. would be great to know when I can expect it!

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Hey man! I’m order #1788 for my 2019 US Ranger. I’m fairly certain the bed dimensions are identical.

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ace, thanks. can I ask - how do you know they are the same? I have done loads of research to get happy the bodies are all built in the same place, but I have a fear that the load box could be made elsewhere (though no evidence to suggest that is the case).

One other thing I have been wondering - what are you doing about the aerial on your Ranger, which I would have thought is in the way?

Why don’t you guys compare bed dimensions and such. Put this issue to bed.

I have a Chevy Colorado, and I’m fairly certain that the beds are slightly different between the Chevy and Holden versions, but they appear to be very different vehicles. I think the Rangers are more similar.

That’s a good question, mainly because I don’t want to put anyone through the inconvenience. I did go and measure a ranger a week or so ago to send the dimensions to GFC using their ‘non-standard truck’ sheet which was applicable to the v1. Results attached (thought i was doing this on my own, so maybe not mm perfect). I have also done a load of comparisons with published measurements on Ford sites. Im not sure they are comparing like with like, and I’m also not sure what really matters from a build point of view, which I am trying to find out from GFC.

My truck is currently in the shop but I’m getting it back this week. I’ll measure my bed and compare it with your measurements. I’ll let you know if they are identical or not.

great - I would really appreciate that