Delivery and install in Florida

Hi guys!
I know how much I was reading the forum before I even put down my deposit for a GFC camper so I hope some of this info can be helpful.

This forum is amazing. I appreciate all the ideas and help from Josh Edgar, Julian, Eric, d.Shaw and nsmitha. Your write ups have made getting ready for my GFC an exiting adventure.

I read some things in the forum that made me concerned about getting the GFC here to Florida. I was nervous about the condition of the GFC, the length of time it would take to get here and the headaches I may have getting it installed.

I wanted to people waiting know that it works out. GFC has rocked it for me. The time line was accurate on production. I had to have the GFC shipped. I work in health care and there was no way I could get enough days off to get to Montana and back to Florida in time. I hope to head out there one summer to see Belgrade. The GFC was crated and shipping 2 weeks after completion.

I had it shipped to my Tacoma mechanic. They had the fork lift and crane to put the GFC on the truck. My mechanic and team were awesome and completed the job in about 2 hours. I had Total Chaos bed stiffeners put in just to reinforce the bed. I know this is a recommendation from many of you.

I now have a few nights in the camper and love it. The buildout will be a fun process. I have two boys and I look forward to many years of adventures with them.

Quality control on initial installation was excellent. I took on some water in the top right after the first steady rain by I found that I was closing the camper incorrectly. It has to be closed with no material or loops hanging out. I have been in a few rains since with no problems. I looked closely at the corners of the tent and mine are closed. I have seen a number of write ups on these. I haven’t thought of a great solution to close them but I may have been lucky.

I just wanted to let people know that the process can work here on the east coast. Team GFC has been really awesome. I appreciate everyone giving their experiences here on the forum. It is huge to help all of us have the best time possible.

All the best.


Glad your experience was positive at delivery and installation, and are enjoying your GFC.
When you have a minute stop by the Regional Chapter section and say hello to the group from the Southeast region. We look forward to saying Hello.


Love to hear it! We’ve been hard at work improving the overall customer experience, and we’re stoked to see it making an impact all the way to our customers in Florida. The team is looking forward to seeing photos of all the epic adventures, and if you ever make a trip our way, let us know and we can show you around.

Thanks again for the kindness and sharing your overall experience with the forum!

Stay good.