Delivery of Platform RTT

I am in line for a platform RTT hopefully to be delivered soon once the 80 series mounts have been redesigned. I have never had something shipped to me by freight before. How does the process work? Is it possible to arrange a specific day with the shipping company for the RTT to be delivered on so that we can make sure someone is at the house to accept shipment?


Mine came back in April–your experience may vary slightly depending on how your local freight hub operates, but the general of it is that they will call you to arrange a delivery date once they know when they will have the item in their possession or once it actually does arrive at their warehouse. They brought a very large box truck to my house (think the largest size Uhaul). My delivery guy had removed the pallet at the warehouse that morning, but a lot of times they will just drop it off on the pallet.

First you order, then you get a shipment identification code. It consists of two capital Latin letters at the beginning, nine digits in the middle and two capital Latin letters at the end. At the beginning of the code must be a combination of the letters UK or UR (or another country). Combinations of letters UA indicate that the shipment will be tracked only within China. If the letters UR are shown at the beginning of the code, the package may be tracked in other countries as well. The letters YP at the end of the code indicate that the shipment is being tracked by Yanwen Express. They provide a yanwen track for tracking. Transportation can be ordered for companies where there is pallet space available. That’s where they put the parcel.