Denver Repair Shop?

Does anyone know the name of the place in Denver that does repairs? I was told at Expo West but now can’t remember. It’s a mechanic who Graeme said is one of the best, and I actually need him for that, not the camper (yet). I’m having a hell of a time finding someone decent to troubleshoot why my rig is running so rich and has destroyed the cats :frowning:

I know it’s not Denver but I use Jays Automotive in Eaton. They are awesome I actually use them for everything on my vehicle and have never been disappointed. Talk to Carson and tell him Skip sent you if you go

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Tru automotive. They did my hinge replacement.

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Thats the one, thank you!!

Just talked to these guys at length about my rig, really impressed thus far. Scheduled for next week. They will be the third mechanic to try and find this issue and the first to actually listen to me about what I’ve already already done and suspect. They are also the first to know anything about superchargers so they know their stuff. Can’t wait to bring her in.