Deposit on build 1595 for sale $500

Hello, I’d like to sell my spot. I have a short bed Taco but I’m pretty sure you can use it on anything because I haven’t filled out any info yet. I recently got an email stating the build will start in May!

Still have this for sale? I’d be interested, what’s the process to transfer? Thanks

I do! Basically I’ll email them and CC you to confirm for you that I actually own the deposit. Once you pay me I email them to confirm that you now own it. After that you will get all the following emails asking you how you’d like to customize it, because it’ll be yours :smiley:

Hey! Have you sold your spot yet?

Hello! Is this still available?

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If this is still available please reach out. I will pay double what you are asking.

Sorry everyone. This has been sold.