Deposit spot! Transfer not final invoice only deposit

I unfortunately can’t use my deposit for a build, and I’m looking for someone to take my place. I just want my money back but I’m open to reasonable offers. This is the 500 dollar deposit only I was never on the final invoice stage so this deposit is open to whatever truck you have!

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What build spot / build number do you have?

Hey there, I am interested in your deposit. Just to be clear, I can still shape this deposit into a Tacoma build?


I was not on the final invoice stage so I believe so, send me a dm

How do I dm on here? Can’t figure it out!

I guess you can’t on this forum, here’s my email, we’ll do a group email with Gofast and organize payment

is this still available?

It is still available!

Hi there - I’m interested in your build spot if it is still available?

I have a spot I’m looking to sell if anyone is interested. There’s a separate post in the forum. No options chosen yet so you can change it to whatever truck model you need. Looking for $500 OBO. My situation changed and just looking to get what I paid for it.