Detailing a camper (ceramic coating panels)

I was detailing my pickup this past weekend in preparation for install of my GFC. Compounded, polished and then ceramic coated the entire truck. It got me thinking about keeping the camper clean. Has anyone ceramic coated the panels on their GFC? I ceramic coated everything Sunday…paint, glass, rims, plastic trim and even my Kuat bike rack. It made my Kuat bike rack look super nice. I’m wondering how the GFC panels would react to ceramic coating and if anyone has done it. FWIW I used Adam’s ceramic coating product b/c it’s what I had on my shelf in the garage. Cheers.

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I would like to know this as well. I am gathering the stuff I need to do my black Bison with GFC.

I ceramic coated my matte black carbon mountain bike frame. It came out very nice. The matte looks much deeper. Looking forward to doing my camper.

I use a cheap meguirs ceramic spray on my gofast all the time.
Had the camper for. Year and a half it still looks brand new and shiny.

Edit when I say all the time I mean maybe once three months or so