Did I miss something? New GFC bed pad

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Agreed! I know others may be working on a modular design, but sure would love to see some options direct from GFC.

I recently received one. Much more comfortable than the pad that comes with the rtt. Much more comfortable than the expensive backpacking pads I own. The measured dimensions when inflated are about 2-3" smaller than the advertised measurements. My two dogs (50# and 60# GSP’s) have walked on it a few times in the living room with no sheets or cover and the top material has held up. Appears to be pretty durable.


I’d like a clear understanding of how this is different/better than the GFC pad I bought with my SuperLite.

That is the Superlite pad. Looks like they’re just offering it as a standalone option under a different name since they likely have a bunch while the Superlite is on hiatus.

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Can this pad be fully inflated and still be able to close the GFC tent without bowing the sides of the extrusion?

Hey Everyone - Here to provide some answers and clear up some of the confusion. The Puff Pad is the EXACT same as the SuperLite Mattress, which shares a similar footprint to the V2 RTT. The PuffPad’s hybrid system uses foam for comfort, and air for additional support. While it does create the need to fold back when using the Transform-A-Floor, I will remind this group we still support RTT customers and anyone looking for a badass sleeping pad.

Just did some winter camping with a friend on one, and once deflated entirely, it fits pretty nicely when closed (sans bedding). Keep in mind this will not fill out the full XL camper footprint.

Overall, I’m a happier camper and all that jazz. Hit me up if you have more questions about the Puff Pad.


Just got one for my V2 and it is excellent. Far better than my 4” foam fold up pad I had to store below and setup every night.
I can fit the pad AND a Coleman double sleeping bag up top, open and spread out. But I use an inflation/deflation pump to completely deflate the pad. Hope it doesn’t have a negative effect on the foam deflated like that.
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088T7WZDN Pump
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00363V3M2 Bag

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