Did Someone Say Lighting Kits?

@Madcap.Supply Yo, I have received my lighting kit. I was wondering if there are any instructions for install? Did see anything in the box or on your website.


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I was in the same situation as you. I went to the TruckParts.parts GFC lighting kit (the original maker of this kit) and found directions on their site. The MadCap supply kit has different dimmers and has colored connections but it’s the same thing.


Awesome, much appreciated

Finished installing my kit (Truckparts version). I made a few changes to the location and being an XL the added width prevents you from installing the lights that far outboard on the side panels. As the length of cables supplied would not reach across.

I set mine up differently from the instructions so I had a spare extension to reach the passenger side panel. I also installed the front light low and upward to provide some indirect light. I plan on building some sort of couch back there so the light should work ok.

For the upstairs I didn’t want any obstructions on the roof (wires or lights). I made some simple adapters and attached them to the tracks on each side. This also helps to make the lights less direct which is nice. I had to extend one leg of the splitter to reach the passenger side light but that was easy. FYI these light have 3 wires.


Can I buy just the upper lights? I have a platform RTT and don’t need the other lights.

Truckparts.parts lighting kits are my favorite.

Any ETA on lighting kit availability?

You should get the mictuning one. Save $360

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There a good kit or set you recommend?

Yes I have the lower-only. I like em and it was pretty easy to install (I used a standalone lipo battery rather than wiring to the truck battery as intended). These are the “soft white” ones by the way. Ignore the dangling wire I still have to tape down :wink:

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Kits are back in stock! Get em while they last…

when are more coming available? they are already sold out!

What did you use to mount it to the track?

I made a little adapter from aluminum flatbar. Using 2 t-nuts per side.


Thanks for the tip. I was in the middle of my install when I found your post. You make a good point with the indirect lighting

Radio silence from Madcap. Guess they bought inventory but aren’t making new kits…bummah.

I had a great experience getting Hard Korr lighting from GTFO Overland. I had some issues with parts and they immediately sent me new items and were very communicative. Great experience all around with the lights and customer service from them.

I paid around $40 at Costco for a 16-foot strip of LED tape lights….multiple colors, white dimmable, wireless remote, pull about 14W from a Jackery. Plenty of light for the downstairs. I use a separate rechargeable LED light upstairs.


Rumor that MadCap is non-responsive and unfulfilled orders are out there. Can confirm from my end their website has gone down. Do business with them at your own risk.

I placed an order on July 10th and received a shipment notification on July 16th, but no further updates and no product. I’ve tried to locate my order via the tracking number and have attempted to reach out to Madcap, but their site is down and any emails to them bounce back. Seems like they took our money and ran. This is not okay.