Diesel Heater Bracket - testing the waters

Good morning all! I am curious about possible demand for a diesel heater bracket. If you have any sort of 2KW heater with the standard hose, you can install horse trailer vents (found easily on Amazon) to each side wall of your GFC & add this bracket to create a really nice way to funnel your warm air into the truck bed.

I just installed everything and tested over the weekend, and it worked really well. I thought I would see if anyone else would be interested in ordering this custom bracket before committing the time and energy to create them in bulk. Cheers!

The benefits of the horse trailer vents go beyond your diesel heater. You can use them to create a cross-breeze to allow the warm air from your powered fridge to escape the truck bed (making your fridge more efficient), also to create positive pressure when cruising dirt roads (to prevent dirt from building up in the bed) and to keep animals safe when traveling with all panels closed (as it will provide airflow to mitigate heat buildup in the bed).

You could also zip this bracket into your tent wall up top. It is not optimized for this, given the strange shape, however it would be more than secure if zipped into place - no hoses slipping out at 3am when it’s cooooooold and you are sleeeeeepy.

I am not offering the horse trailer vents, you’d have to buy those yourself :slight_smile:

I would create some affiliate links to the product for future reference, as that would help generate a little bit of a revenue stream to me. I could pass that savings to you via the brackets!


I’m potentially interested in the bracket. My current heater is a 5kw all-in-one and so far I haven’t really enjoyed having it inside my GFC.

Looks like a nice solve.


Even with my 2KW, directly blowing in my face is really a bit much. I get it. Do you have the same diameter hose on your 5KW? This bracket is for a 60mm hose. I am sure it could be adapted to a different diameter.

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I’ll check the diameter. If I was buying again I would for sure get the 2kw, the 5 is overkill for a space the size of a GFC.


I would be interested :grin:



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I wish someone sold a ONE KW! I bet in January the 2kw will be nice though.

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Interested and would love to have one for a hunt trip in two weeks!!

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Any updates on this? Trying to find a solution to use with my vent before drilling a 3" hole into the side door.


I will look into quotes to produce & distribute. I’ll be in touch with updates soon.


I had surgery and am FINALLY back to the land of the living. I do want to pursue this project, so I will be in touch with any updates this month!


I’m glad to hear your surgery went well, and you’re back on track! It’s great that you want to pursue the project. Just make sure to take things at a manageable pace and listen to your body as you continue to heal. Looking forward to your updates this month!


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Thanks! I put this on the WAY BACK burner, so apologies for the delay. I will visit with the fabricator next week and verify inventory of the same/similar vents online to ensure fit… and check back for pre-order intent. Cheers! Shoulder is great. :slight_smile: