Diesel heater problems

Question for everyone out there
I recently put a diesel heater (Chinese) in my trailer and camper. I ran the one in my trailer about 50 hrs total and started getting error codes and it smoked like a son of a you get the idea. Took it out and put the one from my camper into the trailer. After about 50 hours it’s doing the same thing. Throwing error codes E-08 on the one unit and E-10 on the other. Filters are clean and no issues with the pump. Any help would be great as it’s getting kinda cold out there.
Thanks guys!

I’ve got a cheap diesel heater as well and it’s pretty finicky. I haven’t personally seen the codes you’re getting but the manual for mine says the following for E-08:

E-10 isn’t listed in my manual so my controller is probably different than yours.

Try not running the heater so hot mine will throw e08 when the actual unit body is hot. If I keep it at a good temperature it keeps the unit cool once it has all the red bars showing the unit temperature it throws the error code. I believe I have to keep my anything below 18c to keep the body of the unit cool enough to run. I haven’t got to run mine that often though just was my test run with it.run it at 11c n see if it throws the fault then work your way up to find the highest number u can run.e10 you should just be able to to unplug the unit from the power supply then try n restarting a couple of times I believe my threw that only once so I’m not to sure.this was just from me playing with it though.

I was messing with mine I maxed out all the settings in the advance screen…I also had a loose wire on the temp sensor…e08 started to pop up before it would start the loose wire was the problem… After that it would pop up when it got hot I maxed out the fan rpms ran fine after that…e10 started to pop up maxed the fuel pump setting… that seamed to stop that…I also set the glow plug to it lowest setting…if you just max them out all the way to the highest settings and lowest settings the unit will change it to the max it is capable of doing… might help if you still struggling with it…

First set lowest fuel pump setting I put then the highest it will run

Second set lowest rpm for fan it will run then highest I put

Third the glow plug setting lowest it would go

It goes to lowest you allow it to run then when you click okay it asks for the highest you will allow it to run

YouTube has a video explaing all the advance settings.