Diesel heater tent adapter?

Hey guys does anyone know of anyone making and selling those 3d printed adapter piece that zips in between the tent to run the heater piping inside? Thanks

I wouldn’t recommend using 3D printed parts in heated enviroments. 3D printing filaments off-gas VOC’s, some worse than others.


Check out Heating System Installation Equipment

They may have something that could work for you. Awesome local shop here in Seattle that sells Webasto and heating solutions.


Yeah no go on 3d printed… just stuff it under the door haha

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@Vst Better late than never but there’s a gentleman on Instagram that created a file. Just shoot him a message and I’m sure he’ll send you the file! I printed mine in PETG and has worked very well.


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That’s exactly what we do the_philxx. Dan from Maine suggested small towl wrapped around the pipe. Thats worked out well. He have a few video’s on our YouTube channel.

Last trip we got to test out the new all in one Hcalory 5KW. Nice just a bit hot! Better hot then cold.

Not to get of subject philxx but hope all has been going well with the water stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:
Mark ( & Teresa) Maryland #1919 V2

I like the hose up the ladder with the wheel shelf. I’ve only done some tests in the driveway with my hcalory all in one, but it’s so hot I don’t think I want it blowing right on me and need to pass it through the zipper to higher up. I was considering a magnetic connection, like people use on tools for dust control, through the small tent window, but I don’t think the screen can take the heat. I also might look at a removable solar roof vent from the boating world that fits in an inspection port and the heat could be put through it with the heater on the cab roof.

If I lived somewhere it was colder, I would definitely put it in the bed. I also work out of my truck and am trying to have 2 modes. I still might break down the case and put the heater in the bed. Just sitting on the tailgate in the Northern California fog with the bed cooking sounds great, although a little soft.

Oh sweet! You were able to fit it directly in the cubby!

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Alright @Vst or whoever is interested… here’s the file to the tent adapter to be printed. Adapter

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