Different take on use of Molle Kits

Thought these were some pretty cool use cases for Molle kits. Both are relevant for my upcoming build.

Company providing these kits is BuiltRight.


I am struggling to find a bed molle that works with the GFC clamps - not positive but it seems like where most of them would bolt to the bed rail area, they would need to be modified to allow for the oversized canopy clamp.

Curious if anyone has solved this.

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Tacodust had a video where he trimmed some to fit around the gfc clamps. But it was for a Raptor so not sure how relevant it would be. May have been an instagram story unfortunately.

They’re also running a Black Friday sale right now. Thinking I’m going to give it a try on my F150 . . . hopefully I don’t have to do too much cutting for it to work around the clamps.

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I found a great solution for this issue. BAMF (Bay Area Metal Fabrication) is located near me so I went by to test fit their bed molle panels. Two panels will fit on each side between the clamps. They come with the mounting hardware and their t-nuts are stout.
Taco bed molle 1
Taco bed molle 2
Jerry is the owner and a great guy. He’s also a frequent contributor on TW. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Oh that’s rad! Valuable info. I’ll reach out!


I just had a thought, mine is a DCLB so I’m not sure if the distance between mounting points is different from the other cab/bed configurations. You’ll want to figure that out before ordering. By the way, I think they have a Black Friday deal going on right now too. Good luck!

Throw a tape on your GFC and see how far apart they are! I have access cab long bed so I bet they are the same

I’m still at work but I can when I get home. As long as it’s a long bed you should be good to go.

I have Caliraised LED molle panel in my bed and it fits around the GFC mounts with some very minor adjustments

picture please! nlahhdljsdgmsd

  1. Looks great.
  2. Is that a battery box in the second photo?
  3. If so, where did you get it?

I need to install a second battery in the bed because there’s literally no extra room under the hood with the 1KZ motor (I tried to move stuff around; didn’t work).

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I ended up cutting notches in my builtright molle panels to get them to fit over the GFC clamps.


So how much were these panels? These look perfect.

What box is this? Link?

This is on an 21 F150 using builtright front molle panels.
I installed them on both sides.

I’m going to put in a rear passenger one as well for securing long items, but keeping drivers side rear open so i can easily use the light switch and power.

I’m no metal worker, but a roto zip did the trick.
I put a few coats more paint after this.

Cut and installed the passenger rear molle panel as well.

Thanks for the idea. I just ordered a set for my F150. I plan to mount my Buddy Heater on these. Will post pics when done…

I’m curious if anyone has experience with BuiltRight Industries molle panels on a Toyota Tacoma with their GFC? The panels mount behind the bed rail. I’m assuming there would not be any interference but not sure if moving the bed rail out the depth of the panel effects the GFC clamp. Here is a photo of my molle panel install.

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