DIY awning for the rear hatch

OK this is a little bit shade tree but using a couple leftover aluminum poles I had in the garage and a piece of PVC pipe I put this 6X8 awning together. The PVC is a temporary test just to see if it worked and I’m thinking I’ll try maybe a wooden dowel rod that I can make two piece for easier storage. Anyway I think the pics explain it. The camper has to be open or at least raised enough to clear the latch pin eyelets. Oh I have $6.99 in it so far…


I’ve heard it said: “If the ladies don’t find you handsome, may they at least find you handy.” At least you have one of those bases covered! Seriously, seems like a solid option to me. Hope it holds up during field testing. If it fails, at least you haven’t lost much!
P.S. Quote was from the Red Green Show on PBS.


It’s only temporary…unless it works.

I like it! Seems good for shade, have you tested it in rain yet? Seems like it could be prone to pooling in the middle - a center pole might be good to make a high point.