DIY fabric replacement

Finally got to replacing my tent fabric. Watched the vid on replacing the fabric, under 40 minutes, replacement in my driveway on my truck, couple of beers and chatting up some neighbors I was finished in about 4hrs. Easy process and just a few hand tools. Video gives you all the info you need to complete the job and feel confident with the results. I went from the yellow to the stone grey. Thank You GFC for the customer service/support!!!



So you didn’t have to pull off the canopy?

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Used a 2 rung ladder(In 1st picture) tailgate and camper floor. Front upper keder cord was the only place I had an issue aligning fabric and cord due to camper being on my truck.


Rad! We’re happy to hear everything went well, Phil. And thanks for letting us know our resources made the process smooth enough to enjoy some cold ones along the way. Enjoy the new fabric!

Any reason for the replacement or you just wanted a different color?

Zippers were pulling away from the fabric on the small ft windows where heat seams are used for bonding. Not a huge issue, but GFC sent out new fabric and I decided to go a bit more stealth with stone grey.


Mine did the same thing. They also sent me a replacement tent. Just need to put it on. Was hoping I didn’t have to pull off the canopy.

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Your tundra makes me miss mine, i had the exact same one, Darrell Waltrip ed. sweet rig!!

Also, great review, thank you. I have been waiting on my tent for install at the Bozeman facility, since watching the video it didnt seem that easy for one person to do with it on the truck. Glad to hear your take and how long it took too.


So second time around I could take at least an 1 hr off that time knowing the steps in my head and a little less chatting with the neighbors. It is a very straight foward job.
I referred to the video a few times on the tent removal and the install mainly for how long to leave the keder cord. I also noticed the new tent fits much tighter than the old yellow tent. You can see it in the above pics. Not sure why


so did the roof come off easy?

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Very easy. If you had everything at hand, I think in 20 minutes or less. Probably 10 minutes for the guys at GFC. :blush:


I have a tent swap scheduled at the Denver shop GFC uses for warranty work, they told me they leave the camper on for the swap and I dont need to disconnect any solar.

Don’t have to disconnect the solar? Trying to see in my head how that would work as I have two panels up there on cross bars which are attached to the extrusions.

Will be doing the swap in the spring hopefully to go from side door less to having side doors


Maybe in there shop they have a way of hanging solar panels on a overhead hoist like GFC uses to install campers. Wouldn’t need to lift very high to be out of the way. A little bit higher than when the camper is fully open. My top was closed when I was putting in the keder cord. Certainly need to pull beef bars from extrusions.

Hmmm, my panel is fixed to the honeycomb (one if the thin flexible ones) so seems like i should call them back…

Edit: called them again and they reassured me they don’t take the roof panel off and I dont need to do anything…will report back early Nov after its done. I’m a bit worried

@flipper could you post the video you mention? or send me a link to me?
I’ve gotta do mine in the spring.

I opened it in chrome. This was a older link and would only work if I copied and pasted

@GFC……… is it even possible to do this swap without taking the roof panel off?


Nope, we take the roof panel off for all tent swaps.


I need to add some keder cord. Took the screw out and tried to pop off the panel on the rear but would not budge!!

How you guys doing that?