Do I need more suspension?

Ok, I’ve read all 337 posts about adding suspension and lift, etc. I was just installed today. I use my truck as a daily driver and only off road to hunting locations and fishing locations. No plans to ever off road like crazy or what not. Not planning a build out but will have dead animals a few times a year, and take the kids camping at times in the warmer

Running BFG All Terrain 10 ply. Do I need more suspension? Ride seemed fine on the trip back this afternoon.

Nope. The camper is well within your payload limit of the truck, you aren’t going to do serious off roading, and there is no evidence of overloading from your pictures. Even you said it rode well. I would, however, recommend doing a set of good shocks though for better control. The direct replacement Bilstein 4600 (yellow) or 5100s (nickel) do wonders for that generation of Ram. The suspension is great on that truck but the factory shocks aren’t. Replace all four shocks will cost you less than $500 and your truck will handle like a dream.



Suspension is a can of worms :slight_smile: If you’re happy where you are, stick with it! I’m on my second set of high end coil-overs and still fussing with them, and miss the stock ride sometimes (4Runner). I liked the ride on a rental Rebel last year and thought it would ride even better with some weight in the bed. You could just be hitting the stride for that truck with a few hundred lbs in the back.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ve contacted the local shot about the 4600 and they concurred w you!

Off to chase the rut tomorrow!


You won’t be disappointed.