Do you have a scheduled install 7/17?

We have our install next Saturday 7/17 Slot 6 @ 1:20. It’s probably a long shot, but do you have a time close to that and would you be willing to give us a hand for 5-10 minutes?

We are planning on taking a week for our trip back to Colorado and the weather is looking to be warm and sunny. I would like to mount our awning to use along the journey.
My vertically challenged 5’3" girlfriend will have a challenging time assisting in lifting the 45lb Eezi-Awn into place while I throw a couple of bolts on the GFC on our rather tall Ram Power Wagon.
We are willing to supply some good Colorado beer and/or help you do the same.


In my experience, while you may find someone on here with that install day you won’t have an issue with this. I had my install last month and there were lots of people around waiting for their installation, checking out GFC, or hanging around after their install doing exactly what you’re going to be doing. I certainly would not stress about it in advance.

Part of what makes the install process so fun is that there is a ton of people just like you guys who are so jacked and getting their campers on and doing the initial setup. Enjoy every minute!


Awesome, thanks for the info Danny. I figured there would be some people around but I wasn’t sure seeing as it is a Saturday. Looking forward to getting to see all the other happy faces.

Its awesome. I believe they’re doing 10 installs a day and there are a lot of people lingering. You’re stoked!

I am going to 2nd what Danny has shared with you. The install process is so much fun and the installation guys are great. They helped me install a Solar Panel and Ham Radio bracket. Great bunch of folks!
Worst case scenario there is a picnic table right in front of the installation area that your girlfriend can use to help you install your awning.
Have fun and congratulations!

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Thanks for the info guy’s. We are stoked for next weekend and beyond.

If you have time to explore Bozeman and want to get a bite to eat, any of the following eateries would knock your socks off!

Finks deli
Backcountry burger bar

Have fun!


Robert, thanks for the suggestions. It’s funny I already had put Backcountry Burger Bar in my GPS. I read an article the other week with the best burger from each state and it was tops. We’re both looking forward to this trip.

Thanks agin…

Just shoot me a message and remind me, I will come into the shop on Saturday and help you reinstall that awning. That way the install guys can keep jamming. We are now doing almost 11 campers a day consistently so it is tough for them to deviate. We are also down one arm since Matt broke his collar bone.



Thats awesome and thank you. I will shoot a DM over now with my number and set a reminder to ping you Saturday. You guys are cranking at 11 per day.

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Hey Mike, can I purchase awning brackets and one of those cool mugs while I am there? Not for install though.

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Yes you most certainly can.

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