Does anyone use Awning Brackets for non-awning purposes?

As the title says… Does anyone use the awning brackets for anything other than awnings… I have a set of brackets on one side for my 270 awning and I had an extra set so I found a use for them!

It’s too cold to actually install them on the camper today but will do this week when it gets up to around 30 degrees. I had some universal mounts from rhino racks laying around from a previous vehicle that I decided to mount to GFC’s awning brackets (2x) and they’re a perfect fit!.. they’ll be used to carry my shovel and ax. Just an option for those who aren’t looking to use a quick fist or the like.

Will update post once I get it mounted


I used the awning bracket for a DMOS shovel mount and a Maxtrax mount.

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Yes! I crafted my solar shower mount using the awning mount. Worked great.


Updated with photos…. Works perfectly with plenty of clearance so that the panel doesn’t hit when swung upwards


Awning brackets for my shower cubicle, thing. Works great!