Does this exist?

I thought I read about a page (either here, on Fb, on the website) that listed the trucks that a GFC would fit?
For example:
A GFC on a 5.5 bed F150 would also fit……

Does that exist?


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You can use this to see what it would look like on your truck. I’m sure there’s some newer trucks that are compatible that have been done yet (ex: Gen 4 Tacoma).

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Use what???

Sorry, forgot the link.

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I don’t think that’s what Mike is looking for — those are installs of campers built for a specific make/model. The question is about which makes/models are interoperable. For ex. which non-ford trucks will an XL v2 for a 5.5ft raptor fit?

The answer in general is probably “very few” given that the small differences in dimensions + bed rail mounts.

Still — a good question that I have wondered about several times

I would be surprised if there was a list of what campers are interchangeable between different vehicle manufacturers. There are to many variables to be considered.