Does your tailgate need a TRAILGATE tm!

Hello GFC Forum, we have a product that would be a great addition to your GFC setup. The product speaks for itself but here are some a spec’s anyway, It’s made in Texas for 1/8" Aluminum. They are powder coated and then engraved with our logo.

FB: @ALoffroadProducts
IG: @ALoffroad

I have been told that your group would like these panels but they need more traction. We would like to offer y’all a panel with a better surface traction. We could even do a custom color :art: for the group buy.

Please let me know what you think.
$180 + tax and Free Shipper (Continental US)
Once group buy is closed I will collect money and place order. Order turn around is 3-4 weeks.

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Nice…I’d be interested but I have a 1st gen (2006) Tundra.

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Been eyeing this product… Count me in for a improved traction model + group buy!

I would be interested in a group buy for my 3rd Gen Tacoma. What is the cost?

I have one and I like the product, easy install. Definitely would benefit from texture/traction.

Im in for the group buy also.

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I updated the post with pricing info.

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Group Buy List:

  1. Hanks5
  2. shacol
  3. crazyfingers
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To dang much $$$ for a sheet of aluminum, for a little bit more I’m going for the Mountain Hatch, seems it would be more versatile

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We are lighter weight and have REAL cup holders. Who is really going to prep food on the dirty tailgate.

I per-prep my food at home and put it in bags.

But thank you for your comments, everyone has the own opinion and I just wanted to point out our quality’s.

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Add me to the list please

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Really neat. Those cup holders are awesome, but even as much as I drink, I think I use a flat tailgate more.

I went with the Relentless Fab; combine it with a Rokblock Tailgate Gap cover and I just love it.

As far as that Mountain Hatch–that thing looks rad! But…anything that needs a caution about slippery when wet is a nonstarter in real life. And I agree with AlOffroad, I eat enough dirt already without using the tailgate to prep food.

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The tailgate bed rug was probably the best 50 bucks I have ever spent on my truck.

Same here show the first gen some love

Here’s hoping this group buy does better than the cluster that happened on TW

Here here! Thank you so much for pointing that out.

Did this group buy ever happen? Or potential for another one? Definitely interested.

Never happened here but you can check on their website.

Thanks for the follow up. Definitely looking on their website.

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Check with them directly before you order. I’ve heard their lead times have been pretty crazy. Not speaking from first-hand information just what I’ve read other people posting over on Tacoma world.