Dogs riding in bed with a GFC

I have two 110lb Bloodhounds and I’m concerned that since the windows don’t open, they’ll either get too hot or they’ll get too much exhaust while riding in the bed. I looked all over the site, but it doesn’t seem like any of the windows open. Anyone have experience with their dogs riding in the bed of the truck on extended trips, especially in hot weather?

Have you thought about just taking the camper to a couple autoglass places to see if they can rig something up? It may require replacing the rear window, but maybe they can replace it with one that opens. Just a thought…


I don’t have a solution (yet) but can confirm it gets really hot back there and I have the grey panels. That said, I live with intense high altitude sun and frequently have ~95 degree days. Would not have pups in the back where I am. If you are in amore mild climate maybe less of an issue

I have considered it, but I’m also concerned about them pushing open the side panels after everything I’ve read on this forum about the panels and hinges failing. More research is needed.

That’s what I’m afraid of :frowning: I also live at a higher elevation and can have occasional triple digit heat.

I think leaving the rear panel open is a good option. Why would the dogs get too much exhaust? Unless your exhaust pipe is cut off for high clearance off-roading and underneath your bed it should be pushing air away from your vehicle.

Try typing the word “dogs” into the search bar there are a few discussions already which seemed to be on this topic.


I have two dogs and live in Northern California and we are yet to have issues of the dogs getting too hot. Step one is we prop the lower corners of our side pannels (have the embassy hinge and are yet to hear, see any issues). Step two is we use these. We only really need step two when the ambient outside temperature is over 95.

Just like any topper when stopped we don’t leave them alone when we stop. If we do we make sure to park in the shade and that the ambient temp is 75 or under.

Here is a link to a previous post of mine in a thread that covers similar issues.

(As a side note my partner is a Veterinarian and she keeps a close eye on them and we have driven through 100+ degree heat four times now without an issues. We just make sure to stop every two hours and water them and check on their vests. A healthy dog is a happy dog.)


unless you buy a used camper, you will get the embassy hinges that are a ton stronger than the old plastic hinges. GFC still doesn’t recommend propping open a corner but i think they are just watching their backs. my $.02

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When you look at the mechanical differences of the two hinges I doubt we will ever see a failure of the embassy hinge.

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We have been struggling with this as well…

The next step for us is a small USB powered portable air conditioner. The excessive condensation from our two dogs panting might be helped with this as well.

I really don’t want to prop the door, or cut into the camper yet, so this seemed the least expensive option.

I will post an update when we have something functional that we like.

Good luck!!

We just need a window option on the side panels… :wink:


Honestly, I would settle for any functional system to circulate air without filling the bed with dust. How hard can it be :rofl: