Dometic PLB40 setup

Just wanted to share my current setup with the PLB40. Got back from a week long trip and it performed like a champ.

I have power routed to the bed of my truck via an in cab aux switch. I can charge the PLB when the truck is running or for periods of time when the ignition is off, just being mindful of the draw on the truck battery.

I use the PLB to power a National Luna 55 via the threaded dometic plug. I had to make a custom cord as NL has a Hella Plug. Pretty simple cut and splice though.

My Max Fan runs off the PLB and is plugged into a cigar plug pigtail I made. The pigtail has two quick connects. One for the fan and one for the Matt Gecko light kit.

Both the cigar plug and the proprietary dometic threaded two prong outlets are rated for 15A.

I’ve ordered a Renogy 175w panel which I will wire to an Anderson SB50 plug for the Input. When at camp I can disconnect the input from the Aux switch and plug in the Solar. Or at least that is my theory.

I’ve seen a mixed bag of reviews on how the PLB handles Solar. Some has said when the voltage drops it will turn the unit off. I’ve also see that this issue was fixed by Dometic. We will see when I get it hooked up.

All in all the PLB has been pretty sweet. It was in the high 80s last week and the fridge ran off the PLB for over 8 hours one day. I think it dipped down to 78%.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m learning this as I go….