Door Flap Awning Hack

I know there are kits for sale out there but the price didn’t seem worth it. Here’s what I came up with for the following cost:

Total: $31 (± shipping)

Only changed I’d make the use of bowed window rods to give them more rigidity to keep the awning flap more taught and stronger in wind. Note that the hole these slide into it oblong, not circular so I hid both sides (180-degrees) on the belt sander briefly so that the bearings slide in and are locked in place (cannot spin).

Also, if you want to avoid the sleeve bearings, you can simply shove the window rods into the hole in the aluminum machined block, that worked fine for me but I’d worry about damaging the material long term.



Thats a great idea. I like the sleeve bearing.

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If I end up using this a lot, I’ll probably ditch the tarp clamps and install some small metal grommets directly into my canvas at each corner.


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Cool idea, this looks good!

Ditto. What they said…


I like the idea but I don’t have a belt sander to flatten the edges of sleeve bearing. Will it be possible to file it down by hand?

Yes, I did that with the first one. When I broke a sweat I went looking for the belt sander, haha.

Sanding will prob take you 15 mins by hand, not too bad.

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That is a really neat solution! I would be worries about putting the rod into the existing hole because it might hurt the screw inside there and make future repair a challenge.

The sleeve bearing is a really trick solution to avoid that potential problem!

Good work!


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Some great ideas here will be following this thread.

I got the fancy block that bolts to the extrusion. I like this better! This is definitely one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ items.

Damn nice.

I have a crap ton of wooden dowels. any thoughts on using those?

edit: instead of the bearings

Yep, those would totally work!