Drawer System - 3rd Gen Tacoma (VA)

Hey everyone,

I am located south of Richmond, VA. I built this drawer system when I got my GFC at the end of last summer and I am already itching to design and build v2. Here are the details.

  • Framed out with 80/20 extrusions
  • 56” lock in/out drawer slide for the full drawer slide out
  • 26” lock in/out drawer slides for the stove section
  • Four sections, two large compartments near the front measuring 15.5" W x 14" L x 14" H each. The section above the stove is 15.5" W x 26" L x 6" H. The stove section is 13" W x 25" L x 5.5" H
  • Sits on a 1/2” ply baseplate custom cut and painted with truck bed liner - secured with the four bed bolts near the front of the vehicle

I am looking to part with it for the cost of all the parts plus a little labor fee which came out to be approximately $950. Drawer slides and 8020 extrusions are expensive.

The top was never finished because I had a big trip I needed to go on and didn’t have time to complete. I have the wood to complete the top if anyone is serious about buying.

No worries if no one is interested, wood is expensive now and I will probably salvage as much as I can for v2. Thanks for looking!


@blancataco heres a drawer

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Pretty cool…

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Nice. I’m gonna build something similar. How do you like your Camp Chef?

That is awesome! I am currently building one similar for my JKU. There is a good reason these are expensive. Even DIY costs get up there. Pretty sure I have over 20 hours labor into mine and its not even done yet. Welding aluminum frame with similar slides as yours.

Any pictures of the camp chef?

I like it a lot. The only downside is that it doesn’t have the fold up lid and sides other camping stoves have so grease/oil splatter is an issue. I like that it runs off a normal propane tank, I use a small 5 lb tank. I also have a propex so in the winter I just switch between the two.

Here is a photo of it in use.

Here is the link to the actual product: https://www.campchef.com/camp-cooking-systems-ovens/compact-cooking-systems/ranger-ii.html


And it’s not just the physical labor of building the drawers - that actually went by pretty quick. It’s the designing (sketchup is a great tool), redesigning, researching, redesigning, then sourcing parts and hardware that took the most time.

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