Drip Rail gutter when wet

The railing directs water right into my back seat.

I ordered


Are you asking a question or telling us something?

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@jedgar’s drip rails are an absolute must! :+1:t3: I was tired of getting soaked whenever I’d buckle my son into his seat.


Thanks for confirming these are functional.
I placed the order over two months ago and have not received yet. They were out of stock.

It’s really annoying to get melting road grime and magnesium Chloride drip into my truck

Hi @Aspen1234
Your order I have was placed on December 5th. If you did place another order a few months ago and haven’t received something please let me know!

The site said they will ship by January 1st when you ordered, but I should be getting them back early next week. I’ll be sure to text you as requested.

  • Josh