Drip Rails

Anyone selling drop rails, from JE design and fabrication?


I AM very pleased with my purchase. They are quality.

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He does them in batches. Hit up @jedgar for the next drop! Love mine!

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Yeah, I don’t think anyone who has them is going to be selling them as they are quality! Looks like the next drop on his website is may


I said May 1st to be safe, but I do expect them back from powder coat early to mid April. Let me know if you want me to message you when they are back in stock. Thanks!


@jedgar do you guys still make this. If so I am planning a trip down south from Alberta Canada and was hoping to pick up 2 sets (nephew has a gfc too). I think I saw somewhere you were in Montana, not sure if this is true.

@seannyd , @jedgar is located in Oregon however you should be able to order them online. DripRail™ for GFC

Hey @seannyd @Buhlockaye is correct and I am planning on shipping out the next batch in Mid March. You can also pick them up in MT at Big Sky Rod Box just down the road from GFC.

Thanks for the info.

I will be traveling down to the Belgrade area in the summer so I may just do that. Thanks for the info. However, if I do order online what is the method for shipping to Canada you use? I’ve had issues with UPS so it’s not my favourite way to get shipments. Thanks in advance for the info.

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I use USPS and have had good luck. It does add a $20 fee to the cost unfortunately.

Thank you for all the info. regards