Driving with a door open

Comments on this? Now that I have my swingout I can no longer drive with my tailgate down. My only option for transporting longer items is having my rear door open and resting stuff on the tailgate. Won’t be done all the time just occasionally. And on the beef racks is not an option.

I have done it at low speeds, no prob. Wouldn’t want to do it at highway speeds or over bouncing terrain. I also have the old style hinges and baby them; those new ones look more burly.

I haul lumber pretty often with the rear GFC panel open for the same reason you have mentioned. I use bungie cords attached to the rear locks of the panel and pull it a little over halfway closed (right above my rear swingout tire). It has been fine going 50 mph for 15 minutes probably 30 to 40 times.

Thanks guys, I’ve also been thinking about taking off my rear door since that is an option with these new hinges. But I know when you take something off it never goes back on the same so I’d like to avoid that

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ha ha I’m thinking of all those things that I’ve bought that once you get them out of the bag, they NEVER fit back in the same way!

:thinking:I do this all the time with the back door. Can’t really imagine it being a problem.

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I baby them for sure. Don’t like doing it with these old hinges. Not sure what is better for them though: open and fully extended or partially closed? Which puts more stress on the hinge?

I haul lumber and plywood frequently resting on the tail gate. Just use bungee cords to hold rear panel down against what I’m hauling. They keep rear panel from bouncing around and putting any stress on struts or hinges. Highway speeds havent been a problem but I prefer to take the back roads when hauling materials. Oh and I currently have the old style hinges (soon to be replaced), thanks to the PIT.