Driving with back hatch open

Is it ok to drive around with the back hatch open on my gfc? Sometimes it’s easier to toss my surfboards in the back for the 20 min drive home than to get them on the roof. Really don’t want to damage anything but couldn’t tell if I’m overthinking it and it’s fine or if I’m gonna break the tear gas struts or something.

Has been totally fine for me. I often run to the steel shop and leave the rear open for a 30 minute drive. Just wouldn’t on washboard roads.


I leave mine open when picking up lumber. No problems at all at 55mph on state hwy.

I’ve read posts about folks with rear windows advising against it because their windows fell out.
No personal experience, but I’m not taking the chance.

It’s probably fine but I have the rear hatch with window and like to close it down to whatever you have sticking out and then use a couple of bungee cords to hold it there. With the weight of the glass the bungees act as shock absorbers and take pressure off the struts and hinges. Been fine doing it on both rough roads and highways.

Yes this was my experience. First it popped out , I put it back in and then I eventually shattered my glass as I was driving down a rough dirt road kayak hanging out the back and going really fast. It’s really about the bounce. If you’re taking it easy you’ll be okay but if you want to drive with reckless abandon I recommend replacing the rear glass with something stronger and lighter. I used lexan. Now the rear hatch stays open fully because I don’t have the heavy glass there. You get the advantage of having a rear window without the sag that the glass brings. Also it can’t be shattered. A lot of people are concerned with locking their tent when no one’s going to break into your tent they’re just going to break your rear window out in seconds.

It might be easier to just get stronger struts that eliminate the bounce. That’s what I did.

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