Duluth Trading Company Organizer

Selling my lightly used Duluth organizer. Had it on my v1 GFC camper for 4 months. Like new condition.

Im located in San Francisco but will be traveling down to Socal next week if anyone is interested down in that area.

Asking $50

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Will you ship it to Tucson?

Did you have this? Was this mounted at the front of the truck bed or behind your seats in the cab? I am just wondering how this will fit in my Ram 2500 crew cab. Thanks!

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Iā€™m interested and in the Bay Area. Where does this mount? In the GFC or on the headrests

I had it mounted in my gfc

Still got this? Located in san diego

Yes, still got it. Sorry i didnt get back to you sooner.

Hey, is this still available?