Dumb Idea for traction board mounting?

After having my traction boards mounted to the rack on my cab for years I would really like to free up that real estate so I have been thinking of just strapping the boards to the top of the GFC - with the raised beef bars I could still load plywood up there and not have them in the way. I know there is a low mount but that would still put them above the beef bars and fail to function for me.

Has anyone done anything similar? Thoughts?

@Wild_Mitten makes some mounts that tie into the t-slots on the side of the upper portion of the camper. If you are running only two boards it’s damn near flush (height wise) with the top of the beef bars.


It’s a little hard to tell from your drawing, but something to consider: in most cases you don’t want straps shading sections of your solar panels. Even shading one square can dramatically reduce their output.

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Yeah, good point. Luckily I am way over what I need for solar input :slight_smile:


Why not buy the mounts that sit higher and then remove the traction boards and or mounts when you’re not off-road :wink:

I’m lazy… also I end up taking lumber to my office grid property and sometimes need the traction boards to get there it