Easiest way to temporarily lift GFC?

Hey All,

I made a large mistake and did not cover my stake pocket holes when I had the GFC installed. Fast forward a year later and I’m seeing a lot of water intrusion into the bed, through the stake pocket holes on the bed cap protectors.

I can get new caps from Toyota without the holes, and am planning on doing so. But I am struggling with how to install. I contacted the local GFC installer and they quoted $450 to remove it/re-install it, which seems unnecessary. I am thinking I could just lift it up somehow, pop the old caps off, drop the new ones in and lower it back down.

Has anyone done this? Tips, tricks, hints? Better way to do so?

Don’t they say that you should get new bulb seals too? They always recommend it when buying a used gfc but I don’t know if it’s actually necessary.

My thoughts would be too get 3 more friends and lift it off and set it on the ground on top of some 2x4s.

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I think they do, I’m kinda hoping to reuse but I know I should just get em too…

I’ll ask around my friend group, but was hoping to be somewhat self sufficient on this one.

I take mine on and off all the time solo. I just back squat inside and lift it enough to slide a 2x4 under one end then repeat. Once I have that done I strap it up to the ceiling in the garage with cam straps and just lift each corner a little bit at a time.

If I was you though I’d find another truck with an open bed and park them rear bumper to rear bumper. Then you can slide it off your truck and onto the other truck backwards. This works awesome because you don’t have to lift it from the ground when putting it back on. It can be done solo too.

I would do a new bulb seal though. The old ones rear easily and are usually pretty smashed up.

If you end up in Bend sometime I’d be happy to lend a hand and my truck bed is open right now if you wanted to slide it onto it.


Little different buuuut… removed the clamps on one side and loosened the other. Then lifted the side without the bed claps and shoved a shim under the extrusion along the cab. Gave me just enough room to remove the bed camp and seal up everything.

I have used two air wedges to progressively lift/shim my camper to repair some seals.

I agree on applying new bulb seal while you are in there.