Eastern Montana, the Calypso Trail

The Calypso Trail is a really cool spot in far Eastern Montana. Its proximity to the interstate makes it an easy side trip if you’re driving between Minnesota and Bozeman, like I was, this past weekend.
Just 10 minutes off the interstate, near Terry MT you cross this amazing old railroad bridge, to access the trail. It’s kinda freaky, you can feel the railroad ties moving/shifting as you drive across, but I kept reminding myself that Trains weigh a lot more than my truck… :slight_smile:
I left St. Paul on Friday night, grabbed a $12 campsite in Bismarck at General Sibley Park- it was a very quiet, nice park, and tons of open spots in the tent loop.
Got up early Saturday, and was on the Calypso trail in a few hours.
Bring lots of water. If it has rained, or might rain, do not do this trail. The few spots with just a little moisture turn this soil into grease- you will slide off the trail, or get stuck. Nothing too technical, I did 90% of the trail in 2WD, just put it in 4HI after I felt a little slippage, going up a hill- I was solo, so I was taking it easy and scouting ahead before driving, just to be safe.
I took about 90 minutes to get to the end of the trail, and about an hour back out after trying to hike to the natural bridges (foiled by mud, about a mile in, gotta go back, I guess?)
Amazing spot, and I was the only one there on a Saturday, I think the remote location keeps it pretty quiet- You don’t need a lifted off road truck to do this trail, my stock Tundra was fine. Beautiful area, I saw no trash, hope it stays that way forever!

I left the trail, headed West on old Hwy 10 towards Miles City, and was in Bozeman by about 7:00 p.m.

more info: Calypso Trail


More pics


Eastern Montana is like a completely different place compared to the western side. It’s wild how different it is.

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@JButch I just missed you. I was there the following day. I had the whole trail to myself. Beautiful!


That’s awesome! Great pictures- such a cool spot!


I drove from MT to WA on the 19th…heading back on the 5th…I may have to check it out on the way back. When I rocket through, it’s Buffalo Gap, Quartz Flats and the WA…I did find a nice spot on the Lolo outside of St. Regis that was new…