Easy bug screen DIY

I stumbled upon an easy way to make a bug screen for the sides of the main cabin of my GFC this weekend. I bought a magic mesh screen (link below) and cut the two sides apart (you just snip the ribbon at the top). Their dimension was just about perfect for the sides of my Silverado setup. Then I used magnets to hang it (I used some stronger magnets I had on hand, and stick on magnet strips, rather than the ones that are on the screen. But I bet you can make those magnets work if you mount some small strike plates.

Magic Mesh Screen


This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about doing, just haven’t had the time. Glad it’s not a stupid idea!

I did a similar thing but used 3m velcrow. Had the screens made for me by couple on Etsy

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Any contact info for the couple? Did they see in the slits to go around the struts? Was it just sending them the measurements you needed?

Sandra gldngrl59@gmail.com
I have mine cut a little loose so that they will go around my frame bags
there is a slit at the level of the strut so you can bind around it. You could leave them on all the time if you wanted

How long have you been running it? Any issues so far? I have been having serious issues with mosquitos this summer and its making camping a lot harder than normal. We have these at Fred Meyers in town and I can pick up one tonight just curious how much you needed to modify it and if it stays on while you drive under the flaps or if you set it up once at camp.

Thanks for the idea this is brilliant!

I am using it for the first time tonight, and so far it’s working well. Using the magnets it will need to be set it up each time I set up camp, but it only took a couple minutes tops when I set up today.

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