Eclipse in April

Anyone doing anything for the Eclipse? Its not terribly viewable from SW Colorado but I have to be in North Carolina later in the month so debating about drive vs. flying and stopping in the path to view it.


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I’m driving to Texas to be on the path!

I’d definitely encourage y’all to find a spot to camp in totality if you’re able—having caught the 2017 eclipse, it’s a wild experience you don’t want to miss.

We put this map together at HC to help folks find a spot (both private and public lands) :camping: :handshake: :beers:

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 8.13.36 PM

Nice Julian! Welp, my plan got shot down to drive back east so sounds like I will miss out.

Before you posted I was looking at your map actually. There is also a good google map with it overlayed as well.

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Here in northwestern Pennsylvania, our family “farm” and hunting grounds is right in the path of totality. We got a big field out in the sticks situated in 500 acres of woods, swamp and old pasture. I think I’m gonna take off from work and just hang out for the day…

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