EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station

I am starting to plan my build and looking at power options. Is anyone running this? The reviews look awesome. Looks like newer technology than Goal Zero and Jackery.

Anyone on here running one? Feedback? Better options? The recharging speed is what I like.

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What do you want to run with the battery ? 12v or more standard 120v items? It seems like most of these systems lean heavy to the inverter/120v side when you use 12v for most stuff. You are getting lots of inverter and not much battery for the size. Would you just re-charge after the weekend or use solar and alternator while out?

I opted to go 12v exclusively and that allows me to really simplify the power box. It also does not convert the power to 12v or 120v so you get a little more efficiently. Bonus is you can fit a much larger battery with less electronics and If needed a stand alone inverter can be used of required.

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Basically, work stuff when I need it (laptop, camera, etc.) and maybe a small fan in the summer and lighting.

I like the idea of a portable system as I’ll use this for emergencies and other off-the-grid situations.

I’ll probably hold off on a solar panel for now but will charge while driving and before heading out at home.

I am also planning to buy a portable power station, any good recommendations? JACKERY? BLUETTI? They are a bit expensive, my budget is about $1000.
Has anyone used the brand LIPOWER? They launched the new MARS-20000, which is only $1089. Other 2000Ws on the market are about $2000, are they reliable?

If you are a military veteran, first responder, etc., you can get a discount at check out through real.ID. when buying a Jackery. I haven’t looked in awhile at the other options, but from what I remember I received 15% off. I bought it directly from their site.

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