*****EDIT: got one! GFC 2019+ Ranger 6 ft bed

Hey all! I’ve been dreaming of buying one of these since I bought my truck and I’m finally in a place where I can (semi-responsibly) think about getting a GFC! Getting one used would allow me to start buying sick kit sooner. I’m on the front range, CO (where else?), but willing to drive to pick something up.

Someone is bound to notice there are posts from December advertising exactly this. However, I’ve contacted that dude and he claims to have sold his back to GFC.


Hello- are you still looking?

YES. Haven’t been keeping track of the forums, replied on your posting.

Cool, PM’d

gotta V1 for 6’bed tacoma on a colorado now–available late summer?–should fit a ranger.
let me know if interested and I’ll send pics etc

Where are you located? I’d much rather have one built for the ranger, you should have no problem selling a tacoma topper to someone with a tacoma–tacoma seems to be the default choice for most people.

calif–near yosemite—pretty sure with the V1 it is the same unit–this one fits the 2021 colorado perfectly
just mounts differently.
we are waiting for new larger unit to be built—done in sept—just trying to get ahead of it looking at WTB

Hey Stuart, I am interested. Please text me 661-607-1253



Hey you still looking for a ranger 6ft gfc?

No, I bought AlexK’s in August. Should see if I can close the topic.