Elastic loops falling apart

Hey all, I wanted to see if anyone’s got some ideas on good replacement options for this. I got one of the very first Superlites, so maybe it’s just an issue with the early models, but the elastic loops seem to be deteriorating from sun/wind/etc.

I’m sure I could figure out how to sew on new loops—but also thinking of a metal clip or something. Like a bigger version of a tie clip.


Oh wow — those have gotten bad! Ours are on their way slowly but they were clearly losing tension early on so after our first big trip I cut strips of Velcro OneWrap and wrap them around the straps. They don’t loosen much and that was the point. Between that and shock cord around the hooks, we don’t even tension the straps that much anymore.

Not the best photo, but you get the idea I hope.

Thinking about it more, two loops of thicker shock cord would do the same thing too. I wanted the Velcro to lock the straps down more since the wind was pushing on the loops and loosening the hooks.

Oh yeah, I’ll give these a try - great solutions! thanks

in general i think anything elastic degrades quickly in the sun. look into a 3/16 size uv resistant bulk marine grade bungee cord and make your own repair loops. mine dont look bad yet but the tie down loops have torn a few threads on a few. i have hand sewn the edges back down and seam sealed all the outer threads. modding the interior ive added 3/16 flourescent orange bungee loops to add length to all the fabric loops for hanging stuff. even added a length of bungee cord across the ceiling pocket area because the sag in the roof fabric is ridiculous.reminds me of my old car headliner that never stayed glued up lol… also use a 3ft long 4 inch hard foam roller from Amazon to put in the foot wedge section to raise the overall roof height. if your 6ft tall with big feet it makes a worls of difference. just picked up one of the Quomotop self inflating double pads from Walmart. on sale for 99$ it gets alotta good reviews. did a fit test but yet to take it out camping.

all the good ideas! I hear you about the headliner sag haha. I was thinking about unzipping the interior panel and trying out some adhesive double stick tape or velcro too.