Exped Megamat Duo 15 LW+ for sale

Selling an Exped Megamat Duo 15 LW+

Price: $325 (MSRP $460 on REI)
Dimensions: 77.6 X 52 x 5.9in (197 x 132 x 15 cm)

Includes: Exped mini pillow/foot pump, tie down strap, storage bag and repair kit

Condition: It’s been used for a month and 3 days, no scuffs or scratches, and has been cared for as directed by Exped

I got this before I bought my GFC and used it in a hut for a little over a month and it was my first intro to sleeping really well while camping. Since then, its was used for 1 trip in the GFC and has been stored under my bed. I winter camp a fair amount here in Colorado, so thought I would use exped in the GFC given the high R value and so-so GFC mattress reviews, but ended up wanting to move the panels to stand/put on ski boots more than expected, so am sticking with the GFC pads for now.

As some other people have noted the fit is tight but I didn’t see any issues. Only 2 nights with the Exped in the GFC and there is no signs of wear, scratches, or stretching on the pad or the GFC. One advantage of the Exped is that it has layers of foam, so you can run the mattress on low pressure without that weird air mattress feeling and save some space.

If you are into winter camping or just get cold at night this bad boy has an R value of 10.6, so lots of good insulation. Other than that, its just stupid comfortable. Let me know if you have any questions, CO pick up or ship for extra.

This still available? I’m interested in Denver.

Sorry this has sold.

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