Exped megamat duo max 15 double sleep mat

Hi All,

I have a RTT arriving soon and am eyeballing the Exped Megamat Duo Max 15 Duo Mat. It’s dimensions are 77.6 x 52. 2" over the sleeping area of 90"x50". Is anyone running with the Duo Max 15 - any issues? An old post indicated it was snug but worked ok. Appreciate any advice.

I have the EX Ped but I didn’t go with the duo I went with two singles I like options side-by-side they fit snug totally works I get a great nights sleep on them

I’m using the EX Ped duo. It’s snug and I’m careful closing the top, but man is it comfortable.

I’ve been using the Exped Megamat Duo Max 15 Duo Mat for about a year in my GFC camper on my Tacoma. It works but is definitely a little too wide. When fully inflated the extra width does push outwards on the tent. I just make sure that when using the ladder to enter/exit that I am not pinching it too much against anything that could possible tear it. When closing the camper I roll it up to ensure all of the air is out and then I store it folded in half length wise. This leaves enough room to store my sleeping bags and full size pillows along the open side. If I deflate it and leave it fully open without bedding up there then there isn’t enough counterpressure against the GFC top and the top can move up and down while driving a little bit.

Its a way better night of sleep than the mattresses. My mattresses were even the original 3" ones that came with the v1 campers.

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the advice!

The Exped Megamat comes standard in the Super Pacific and I’ve been using it nearly a year. I also have another double and a single and have used them for years during winter to below zero and they are awesome!!

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Well after 4 nights in the on the standard V1 pads with the wife she has informed me that they are not comfortable and that I must change them… sigh

Thinking about going with a single and a double of these depending on if the wife is with me or not - $400 for sleeping pads just doesn’t sit well with me haha


Bought the Exped Mega Duo. It does push a bit on the sides, but don’t see it as an issue. It is the most comfortable “camping” mattress I’ve tried. Attached a pic to help folks decide. I got it for $414 - 10% (instant discount

) at Blackleaf.com Exped Megamat Duo Max 15 Double Sleep Mat | Blackleaf USA

I have the Exped Duo 10 (green one) and I believe it is the same width as the Max; however, it is shorter in height/thickness. This is something to note if you’re really tall because you toes are that much closer to the roof as it tapers down towards the hinge. I’m 6’2" and sometimes on my back my toes touch the roof. I pull the mattress all the way towards the main opening. It’s super comfy and I’m glad I left the 2" foam at GFC when I picked up the tent.

A pair of Sea to Summit Rectangular Camp Plus fit perfectly. We totally removed the gfc pads and find these very comfortable. And they are relatively inexpensive.

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