Exped Megat Duo for sale

Selling an Exped Megamat Duo 10, size Long Wide Double.
Price: $280 (MSRP is $350)
Like new condition.

Measures [LW] 77.6 x 52 x 3.9in

Reason for selling: I have a standard camper and it’s a tight fit so I cannot store it in the tent when closed. It is EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, but I don’t like having to deflate such a large sleeping pad and store it in the truck bed.
Would probably work really well with an XL tent.

Only slept on it a total of 2 nights over two trips (with wife and baby).
Has only been inflated with provided pump (no human breath). Has been stored indoors. Still has original packaging.

NOTE: I can return it for a full refund at REI, but, fun fact: they cannot resell sleeping pads, so this would get scrapped. I figure selling is the better approach.

Prefer local pickup in the Bay Area (CA).
Otherwise, you pay shipping.

There are tons and tons of these pads in the REI garage sale section so they do resell them… I actually returned mine to REI because of a slow leak and I saw it in the store’s GS section a few weeks later so get your full amount back


Oh no way? Thanks for that note… Are you also in CA? Curious if it’s a state law thing… I called in and that’s the info I had gotten.